The practice of contemplative photography

For me, photography is a contemplative practice that helps bring into clearer focus my True Nature.  The intention I hold is to point with a photographic image towards the conscious and living Mystery  that is ultimately indefinable.     It is an elusive ‘subject’ that cannot be stalked and hunted down in the way that a hunter pursues wild game.

Like a game of hide-and-seek in reverse, one must actually be found by the subject, an act that requires letting go of the search in order for such an encounter to take place.  In the silent interchange that transpires, ‘subject’ and ‘object’ dissolve and a brief glimpse into the Great Mystery may be revealed.

Some of my favorite places to play this game are where earth, water and sky meet.  In this magical realm of intersection, the play of reflections and changing light reveal the illusory nature of form, opening up our conditioned perception into another realm of seeing, of hearing, of feeling… of Being.


David Silver  has been captivated by seeing the world through a camera lens since 10 years old.  He currently photographs primarily as a contemplative practice and Zen art form, as taught by John Daido Roshi Loori and John McQuade.  His work has been exhibited at Gallery 910 in Denver, St. John’s Art Gallery, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder Public Library, and the Mercury Gallery in Boulder, and has been published in Dharma Communications.

David  has practiced emergency and primary care medicine for the past 30 years. He  presently works as medical advocate (BoulderMedicalAdvocate.com) and an international public health consultant.  David’s projects have taken him to many corners of the developing world including Southeast Asia, Africa, India, and Latin America.